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Yay! A very very Cool Cool Mountain uwu

Sounds really gooooood!!! Keep posting pls ;w;

Ajajaja c mamó con las licuadoras v:
Esta bien chingona pa qué que sí owo

¿Quién hizo la original? :00

This sounds really good,,,,,,, keep submitting!

Really good mixing!! I love how it sounds overall, a little repetitive but that sounds pretty fine too!

AfterGlowMusic responds:

Thx for the review. ^^

Sounds interesting! A bit empty overall tho... maybe try adding some more percussion or a background instrument? Keep it up I wanna see the final product!

ktgen responds:

Thanks for the feedback mang! Maybe I'll try layering a bass or adding some trippy vocal chops. Def needs some more character tho.

Def good material for a soundtrack! Don't really find it boring at all, maybe just not my favest style.
Also, if it contains samples, I think u should specify that on the song info as third-party samples, just sayin' ;3c

Bertn1991 responds:

Thanks! I used synths someone created based on the original sounds from a few different game. I didn't think to check that third party samples box. The piece itself is original.

Ok but this
listen at this
ohmygodd so goodd i love this sm
do you by chance share your stuff on YouTube? I'm more active there tbh and I would like to have this around
also I think that would be good for getting some audience :3c

ShimaMusic responds:

Ahh thank youuuu >w< I share soooome of my stuff on youtube but I haven't shared this one yet, but I'll upload it right now for u!

The end was kind of unexpected and the piece is somewhat repetitive, but it's really nice! I really like that this sounds a lot different from what I normally listen! Keep it up with the creativity and the good work haha uwu

ShimaMusic responds:

Thank you! Yea I usually don't make repetitive tracks but I wanted to try something different, pretty good for my first try I think ^w^


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